I have a knack for practicality in these later years. I like logic and function. For some reason practical and helpful hints stick in my brain, and I have gathered them for some years now. I have a critical eye for detail and I am what I like to call a “solution finder.” I have a fountain of handy information in this mind. I like to share it at pertinent times with my family and friends. I get asked frequently, “when are you going to write your book?” I’ve also heard “is that one for your book?”

I found my writing voice when I joined the Collective Underground in 2012 here on Maui. The facilitator Ivy, has led our collective in learning “method writing.” It has been an interesting process. When we’re in session, we write from an organic place, no conceived stories and two pages daily with a method in mind. Things come up on the page that weren’t consciously considered. And it has been transformational in the best way. We’ve made sweet connections, had deep sharing and the peeling of many layers. It is now 2019, I haven’t been in session with the collective in a few years, although I still write when I need to express. It was Ivy, my writing mentor and friend who suggested I write a blog.

More about me another time….